How to choose right stabilizer for embroidery on different types of fabric.

Very often we come across of dilemma: how to choose right stabilizer. What are stabilizers? What are types of stabilizers? Why we need them? We have covered these questions and other useful information in post Embroidery Backings & Toppings Stabilizers.

The wrong stabilizer could be one of the possible reasons for defects, which could affect the exterior of fabric.

Below, we have created the table with information about how to choose right stabilizer for different types of material. It could be very helpful to you on, especially in the beginning. It helps you to come up with some stabilizer before you start embroidery. And then, by trying different fabrics and stabilizers, you will have right match fabric – stabilizer.

Of course, stabilizer should be chosen based on material properties: thickness, density, quality, etc.

General recommendations are the following: as the fabric is thicker and denser, as lighter stabilizer you should use. And vice versa. In 99.9% of the job, you will need only one coat of good quality stabilizer, if you choose the right one.

Below, you will see most popular types of fabric, and recommended stabilizers accordingly:

AcrylicCut Away
AcetateCut Away
VeloursGlue Tear Away (“Filmoplast”), Heat Removable (“Termogaze”).
VelvetTearAway for high-density Velvet, CutAway for thin Velvet
VinylTear Away
FeltCut Away
GabardineCut Away
JerseyCut Away or Adhesive
JeansTearAway or don’t use at all
Chamois leatherCutAway for thin leather, TearAway for thick leather
Fake furTear AwaySoluble
DamaskCut Away
LeatherCutAway for thin leather, TearAway For thick leather
LinenCut Away  with glue for temporary fixation
TerryclothCut Away or Tear Away,Soluble
MuslinCut Away with glue for temporary fixation
NylonGlueTearAway (“Filmoplast”), HeatRemovable (“Termogaze”). Top quality Tear Away
3d jerseyCut Away with glue for temporary fixation
OrgandyCutAway with glue
OrganzaWater soluble high quality Tear Away
SailclothTearAway for thick material, CutAway for thin
BrocadeTear Away
PercaleCut Away
Piqué, or marcellaCut AwaySoluble
PlushGlue Tear Away (“Filmoplast”).
PoplinTearAwayor CutAway depends on density.
SateenCutAway with temporary fixation glue or glueTearAway (“Filmoplast”)
SpandexCutAway with glue for temporary fixation or glue TearAway (“Filmoplast”), spunbond
Tweed (cloth)Cut Away
Knitwear (T-Shirts)CutAway , TearAway, spun bondorAdhesive, depending on knitwear quality
FlannelCut Away
FleeceCut Away
CanvasTearAway or without stabilizer
SilkTear Away
ChiffonTear Away


Please, be aware, all information in the table – the only RECOMMENDATION how to choose right stabilizer and not the RULE.

In conclusion, I would like to advice: each embroiderer MUST have Cutaway, Tear away, Adhesive and Soluble embroidery stabilizers.