Welcome to EmbroStitch

Embroider everything! Our Company has been engaged in embroidery since 1996. With almost 21 years experience in this business, we can professionally create, digitize and embroider any design.

Custom Embroidered Patches

– free digitizing – free shipping worldwide

We offer you our many years’ experience in producing patches.

You may order 1 patch or 1 million patches. We do not limit you in quantity

Our embroidery shop has single-head and multihead embroidery machines; that is why we may meet a demand of any customer.

You may order a patch from 1″ to 20″; and if you wish we may make you a patch at full length :).

Digitizing Custom Embroidery Designs

– free change size – free additional size

We can digitize any image, any logo, any photo or even video.

Our highly professional digitizers are ready to digitize your design within 2-24 hours.

You will be surprised at our low prices and professional quality of digitalization.

Shop Embroidery Designs

– low price – high quality

At our store you can buy embroidery designs at low prices and of great quality.

We provide different sizes of each embroidery design (2-5 sizes) to give you more choice. So, when you pay for one size, we will provide several that design in multiple sizes.

Embroidery designs on sale

Embroidery designs on sale