About US

Embroider Everything


We are a group of highly motivated people who love their job.


Back in 1996 (22 years ago), the future director of EmbroStitch visited an exposition in Japan where he saw a household embroidery machine Brother PE100. He could not tear himself away from the fascinating picture of moving hoops where an image from threads gradually appeared. At that moment he could not realize that embroidering would soon become his hobby which would later grow into an international business.

What we offer:

1. Designing and selling designs for machine embroidery

2. Digitizing custom embroidery designs

3. Embroidery of patches

4. Embroidery on finished items

5. Embroidery on promo clothes (t-shirts, caps, etc.)

6. Creating exclusive design projects for embroidery on clothes

7. Making embroidered clothes.

Our customers:

Eventually, development of online trade allowed EmbroStitch to widen its customer base considerably! We collaborate with private enterprises, design companies, embroidery shops, governmental services, athletes, military men, and any persons and organizations who need our services. Our current clients are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Australia.

Our staff:

Our staff includes four designers and embroidery digitizers, five embroidery machine operators, one clothes designer, two dressmakers, a web designer, and two managers. And we continuously search for talented persons to help them to realize themselves in embroidery business. We collaborate on an on-going basis with artists, digitizers, and programmers.

Our equipment:

Our embroidery shop has three one-head, one four-head and one six-head modern industrial embroidery machines. For an eight-hour working day, we can produce about three and a half million stitches. If you have a very urgent and essential order, we can work two shifts! We also have various sewing machines and overlockers. We are actively oriented towards online business since such business has no borders and provides unlimited opportunities. We strive to minimize the cost of our products. Therefore, we have placed our embroidery factory in economically favorable countries, from which we send our patches, clothes and other products throughout the world.

Welcome to  Embrostich!